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Question1: Why choose anlysun to do product design and development. What are the advantages of anlysun?
Answer: Strategy of anlysun: providing an alternative "Design service outsourcing" for the need of enterprise to develop new products. "Design service outsourcing" can reduce R&D costs and the large human resources training costs as the mobility of the technical staff for clients. Anlysun can provide a complete "one-stop" service, from technical development, product design and production processes to meet clients big and small quantities of product line demand.

The advantages of anlysun: Anlysun is your trusted technical services experts. Anlysun focus on product design and development, and not to other businesses. For enterprises, anlysun is a R&D departments, it can save a lot of costs than their own R&D department. (Including human resource cost, management cost, personnel training cost, instrument equipment cost, and so on)

Anlysun was created by a group of engineering and technical personnel at home and abroad, long-term continuously engaged in electronic product design and development, accumulated a lot of techniques, practiced technology and experience after years of practice. Variety of product development tasks fully meet anlysun technical staff a sense of achievement, to provide them with a vast space to play. As a result: [1] Anlysun is a people-oriented, proficient technical personnel, skilled Technology, experienced, Staff stability of the professional R&D firm. [2] Anlysun has a number of project management experts and international technical resources, can timely obtain the latest international technical information, accordingly ensuring product market competition. [3] Anlysun has professional and skilled technique, and solid theoretical foundation of product performance development and wealth of development experience. [4] Standardized technical development management system and strict technical secrecy system.(CMM & Six Sigma management)

Question2: Who own the technology property, when commission anlysun to development product?
Answer: on issue of technology property, there are two ways: firstly, according to PRC national "Technology Development Contract Regulations" to confirm the corresponding product development commission categories and approach, Conform to the ownership statement of this regulation. Secondly, confirm ownership in contractual agreement. In technology confidentiality, anlysun restrict project development staff with the management system, and agreed the corresponding liability for breach of contract in contractual agreement. (Reference to User Confidentiality Agreement)

Question3: Can the product developed by anlysun be guaranteed to meet our specific requirements? Can products be achieved international FCC, Ul certification?
Answer: Anlysun follow the industry standards to development products and according to the contract signed with clients. Meeting the client¡¯s specific technical requirement in the premise of fully communication and technology can be realized. In product delivery stage, can apply for international FCC, UL certification for demanding clients, And in accordance with certification cycle to correspondingly extend the project time and pay additional cost, comply with the specific implementation of the contract

Question4: At present, what technical resource does anlysun have? Which field can be engaged in product design and development?
Answer: Anlysun focus on intelligent electronic product design and development services and system software development services. At present, anlysun are mainly engaged in four categories of project of industrial automation, electronic security system, financial electronic product and special customized electronic device, and also undertake consumed electronic product design. Anlysun particularly specialized in developing forward-looking high-tech product which business plan to put on market in next 3-5 years.
Anlysun have a large number of high grade and low grade embedded systems development tools, logic analyzer, analog / digital storage oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, and NI virtual instrumentation development environment equipment, and so on. Using advanced simulation software, software development platform and VSTS team management tool, give full play to human resources, developing a more professional project and high-tech product for client.
Anlysun engages in electronic design service for many years. According to the requirements of the users, anlysun continually upgrade the software and hardware for the project had been developed, this process makes anlysun more professional in many fields. Anlysun is concerned about the development of new technologies, new materials (Electronic Component), and industry trends, it also pay attention to the dialectical relationship between cost and technology. In a limited cost, anlysun bend their mind to the use of more advanced technologies, to make the product (project) more competitive.

Question5: Can anlysun provide long-term upgrade and improvement service for clients? The follow-up work of production and technical support, how to proceed?
Answer: Anlysun provide long-term upgrade and improvement service for clients. After the completion of product design and development, anlysun will assign a technician as the project's contact person, to provide short-term technical guidance and training support for follow-up production work.

Question6: Can we gain a complete technical documentation of the project we commission anlysun to develop, and can we produce product with these technical documentation?
Anlysun can provide Integrity of the circuit, electronic component list and suppliers, software code and framework, and necessary tooling equipment for production and key process specifications, determined by the contract. Anlysun can also train production technical personnel for the project of complexity production.

Question7: Geographical distance between us is very far how to ensure the quality of service? Whether anlysun provide engineering services, process and production debugging services?
Inconvenience communication due to geographical distant, we can solve this problem with network communication. Customers can visit anlysun project management through the web site, timely understanding of the progress of development projects, and regularly updated project development progress information on project management website. Anlysun technical services include production process and product debugging services, in addition, according to the nature of products anlysun can provide the corresponding engineering services.

Question8: What are the typical and successful cooperation cases and product design and development cases of anlysun?
Answer: anlysun website issue many cooperation cases and project information with the consent of customers.

Question9: What are the processes of project design and development?
Answer: In the process of project, firstly, anlysun assess project demanding Technical level and technical difficulty and cost, then make a project schedule. In the project design and development stage, anlysun regularly report the progress of project and technical difficulties and solutions. Finally, anlysun deliver the integrity of technical document to customers.

Question10: Can clients send technical staff to anlysun for collaborative development and training these technical personnel?
Answer: According to project specific circumstances, customers can appoint technical staff to join us in collaborative development. Anlysun will responsible for appropriate technical training for the commissioned project. Anlysun will provide full support and understanding in the principle of friendship and cooperation.


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