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The Typical Model Item Once Accepted Case

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Prj Case 1: Ultrasonic Level Measurement Product Design

Service: [Design]

      This item lasts 300 workdays at the Year 2003's development and refers to a batch production in 2005. ANLYSUN designed, 8 meters, 12 meters and 25 meters, three kinds of specification model disembodies and integral whole 2 lines system. The Ultrasonic Level Measurement Product of ANLYSUN development in the high-level instrument has a forerunner filters tracking algorithm and self-adapting frequency trim and power to adjust capability, which can effectively catch a true echo within noisily the electricity and voice noise.

     The requirement provided various echo algorithms a pattern, schema satisfaction the dissimilarity industrial site in the meantime. Its brain power turns the design thought of the emission pattern, schema of the self-adapting supersonic wave, ultrasound wave and emission frequency and insured measurement effect very good have various in expiation of pattern, schemas in the meantime and inside place temperature compensation. After throw in action, consumer responds when the first time use to need to adjust a lot of setup parameters, hence ANLYSUN according to the occasion of final consumer's feedback, simplified a consumer parameter setup an interface just in time, change fulfillment from technical personnel in the plant house on the scene environment match debug, let the consumer use more simple menu interface, the product has been use good.


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Prj Case 2: 24GHz Radar Level measurement Poduct Design

Service: [Design]

      Anlysun undertook this project in 2005, and took 600 days to complete the development. Anlysun completed the 24GHz specifications integration of 2-wire(HART) Radar Level Measurement Product design and development, and 26GHz product preparatory development tasks. Anlysun to design the pulse radar level, using nanosecond pulsed microwave launch, flight time scanning wide, adaptive frequency fine -tuning and power adjustment design technology. Signal Processing, using Sparse echo subband Digital filtering tracking algorithm, can effectively capture real echo in different medium environment, multiplicate echo algorithm models to meet a variety of different needs of the industrial environment, ensure that the measurement resolution of 2mm, 80% of microwave devices used homemade products, absolutely meet the clients` requirement.


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Prj Case 3: Wireless GSM/GPRS Short Message Service Desktop Phone

Service: [Design]

      Anlysun undertook this project in 2002, and took 90 days to complete the development. Product was designed to support function of sending and receiving short text messages, and short text message and WAP order programming. New messages tip with screen icon model. Searching receiving time, contents and number of messages, and Optional forwarding, replying, deleting and direct calls are included. There is a public and three private Mail Boxes to support these functions. This product can input many kinds of characters, such as digital, special symbol, English case and Chinese, etc; Built-in a common language and a fixed user-defined common language; rings and common language download; and to provide personal assistants services, for example, a telephone directory, calendar, alarm and CND of phone standard feature. Meeting the function design requirement and cost requirement of client.



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Prj Case 4: Security Control systems and Integrated Security Solutions products

Service: [Design]

      Anlysun undertook this project in 2001, and took 240 days to complete the development. Anlysun have undertook and designed Various Security Alarm Products, such as telephony/bus alarm host, talkback & monitoring system products, access control system products, JSS controller, wireless alarm, extender, infrared/ion Smog detectors and deployment controlling electronic presentation mapand so on. Meeting various function design requirement and cost controlling requirement of client. 

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Prj Case 5: Line Thermal Printer Control Board Poduct Design

Service: [Design]

      The design service project was to design a series of Control Boards for EPSON and Panasonic Thermal Printer Mechanism (head). The Specifications are with Integrated Cutter, Wide output ideal for maps, internet screen prints, ticketing, etc. automatic paper loading simplifies paper replacement; complete access to flexible setup system via monitor program. By mounting the print mechanism and control board separately, maximum advantage can be taken of the space available inside the kiosk enclosure. Printing at 3.0 inches per second, with an integrated cutter that is rated for one million cuts, the mechanism will pull a properly mounted paper roll to provide extended operation between refills.

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Prj Case 6: Pressurizing Cable Pressure Sensor/Tansmitter Poduct Design

Service: [Design]

      Anlysun undertook this project in 1999, and took 90 days to complete the development. According to client requirement, processing imitating Improvement and homemade design for the product based on the performance of the products of Italy Nicorta. Homemade Design of the products meet and exceed the expected design requirements


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Prj Case 7: Point of Sales Terminator GK-POS T7G Poduct Design

Service: [Design]

      Anlysun undertook this project in 1996, and took 360 days to complete the development. According to client's requirement, processing imitating Improvement and homemade design for the product based on the performance of the products of HyperCom. Homemade Design of the products meets and exceeds the expected design requirements


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Service: [Design]

      Anlysun undertook this project in 2002, and took 110 days to complete the development. Forepart laser smog dissolve alarm system is designed under fire formation mechanism, using the most modern computer technology and photoelectric analysis technology. It is unique design and high sensitivity. Core technology: laser dispersion measure and particle counting. As we all know sky is blue, because sun's rays irradiate particle in atmosphere and produce Scattering phenomena. The system is using the laser scattering principle to detect smog. Generally speaking, smog particle diameters from 0.01 ¦Ì m to 10 ¦Ì m range, depending on the burning of substances. Using filters to remove dust particle for non-interference before smoke particle detection. System core parts are mainly responsible for processing smog and airflow information, at the same time monitoring the work state and control output of its internal sensor parts, and accepting other components such as programmers brought the operating instructions, storage event information, etc



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 Prj Case 9: 8 layers PCB Microstrip Electronic System Analysis Project

Service: [Reverse Engineering Research]

      Anlysun undertook this project in 2004, and took 90 days to complete the development. This project process PCB circuit reversal and craftwork analysis with the method of craftwork process analysis, medium determination, disjoin layers and redraw circuit board, re-layout circuit board, principle analysis, technics design reasonable analysis, simulation analysis and functional matching analysis.



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Prj Case 10: Research and Design of Wireless Sensor network for Random Architectures

Service: [Research]

      This project concerns with the setting up of an autonomous monitoring system using wireless sensor networks. In the sensor networks, low cost embedded sensor devices are deployed for collecting environmental sensor data over a wireless medium. The development of the research project includes the implementation of a network security monitoring system. Raw sensor data such as light intensity and temperature are sampled and collected from each embedded device in the sensor network. A routing protocol is implemented to support the ad-hoc collection of sensor data within the sensor network. Algorithms are designed and deployed for performing analysis and verification on the sensor data.


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Prj Case 11: FlowVision Internet Detection System of DoS/DDoS Attacks and Anomalous Traffic

Service: [Development]

      The detection systems of signature-based or attack characteristics-based can not be suitable for the current requirements of attack detection which are "To be discovered in real time, To be traced rapidly, To be fortified in time", because the many unknown attacks become more covert than ever, and the time interval from the start to the peak of the attack becomes shorter and shorter. This means that it is too late to find the attacking characteristics, create the rules, delivery the patches to the customer sites and set the rules into the related devices. Based on the requirements and design ideas described above, We develops FlowVision system by using statistics of the traffic, which provides the ISP's IP Backbone with detection of DoS/DDoS attacks and anomalous traffic. FlowVision is one of Cisco NetFlow-based applications and the active detecting system by using the arithmetic of self-training rules.


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Prj Case 12: VSM-200 The remote environment monitoring software system in telecommunication machinery house without person's duty

Service: [Development]

     Anlysun undertook this project in 1998, and took 120 days to complete the development. VSM-200 monitoring system has various functions supported by VESDA system open protocol version, applying to WIN, UNIX and LINUX

Basic function of the software: system Remote control function, such as Remote isolation, Reset, Scanning, Testing and so on. System can automatically detect and report on the state of system components around the room environment system. Testing respond time is 90 seconds. Client is with a number of different functional subsystems as monitoring centre have, and can send data to a number of different monitoring centre through increasing IP addresses or COM. It is allowed a number monitoring centers in one system. Each monitoring centre can inquire about information with the same subsystem at the same time, establishing conflict resolution mechanisms avoid data plug. System can establish three levels of centralized network monitoring framework, for example branch monitoring centre (county), division monitoring centre (city) and general monitoring centre (province).


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Prj Case 13: Chinese ReadWin2000 Temperature and Pressure Setup Configuration Software Kit

Service: [Development]

     The software is 32-Bit PC-Software under MS-Windows for unit setting up, display and archiving measured values/sequences. Depending on the type of instrumentation, the software can: Easily set up units from the PC, Display signal sequences, electronically archive measurement points, Export pre-analyzed values into other programmed (e.g. MS Excel), Use modem connections to distant units. An intuitive menu-guided setup allows for an easy and safe switch operation for the plant, personnel, and environment.

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