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[ODM Product] Anlysun ReadWin2000 Visio Temperature Transmitter Management Software
[Introduction] This software is compatible with Endress + Hauser Readwin2000 package.

Main function specifications:
  • Visualization of temperature transmitter device management, manage all temperature transmitter instrument with
  • comprehensive parameters setting function for temperature transmitter instruments.
  • Support multiple types of sensors installed. In standard state, can support international generic B,E,J,K,N,R,S
          and T types of thermocouple, and also supports including Pt10, Pt100, Cu50, and Cu100 commonly used
          thermal  resistance, and "-10-100mV" voltage signal and also supports custom indexing.
  • Real-time data monitoring function

[ODM Product] Detection System of DoS/DDoS Attacks and Anomalous Traffic System
[Introduction] VisualFlow system is a specialized DOS / DDOS attacks and abnormal traffic detection system for backbone network of operators. Design features: collecting offensive traffic data in access layer, concentrative intelligence analysis and event correlation, forwardly setting security measures in access layer, as close as possible to the source of the attack for blocking or restricting traffic attacks, further assurance of high availability of the network. Its main function is to provide DOS / DDOS attacks and abnormal traffic detection for Internet operators. Through statistical traffic data and calculation the change trend of statistical results and integrated various judge rules to determine the existence of abnormal network, and according to the abnormal traffic to determine the source of attacks, then automatically generating the Access Control List, Rate Limit and other relevant security configuration recommendations, after confirmation embedded to the device configuration file in access layer, further manual confirmed that the configuration file to update or restore(after the attacks subsided), Thus completing the network attacks blocked. Because the collection, analysis and preventive measures of traffic data are distributed in access layer and Distribution layer, maximum near the source of attack, so detection is the most accurate and efficient protection.

Main function specifications:
  • based on definable intelligent judgments, closed-loop control system/joint attack response/expansibility.
  • Function brief introduction: real-time traffic monitoring and attack report/abnormal traffic alarm automatic
         generation of security strategy and network device configuration automatic adjustment.
  • Technical specification: detecting network scanning and access authorization control/detecting DoS attack and
         worm propagation/ detecting abnormal traffic.
  • Key technology: efficient intelligent algorithm/ friendly Real-time interface/ Integration with other systems.
  • Running environment: According to the scale of network to choose hardware platform.
         System: Solaris 8 above; Red Hat Linux 7.3 above
         Database: Oracle 8.17 above; MySQL
         Server hardware requirements: all servers aren't less than tow CPU; not less than 2 GB of memory; not less
         than 72GB of disk capacity.

[ODM Product] Logistics Management and Dynamic deployment software system
[Introduction] This system is to tie in the postal system with modern logistics business. It is framed on the common database architecture, an application software system developed with J2EE framework and JAVA language, composing with basic configuration module and optional item. Basic configuration modules include system management, order generation management, distribution management and query statistical management; Optional items include I/O system, matching system, accounting system, CRM system, website, warehouse management system, Commodity information management, 183 electronic mall, 185 customer service. The system has good performance expansibility and functional perspective, can select the necessary basic configuration module and optional item according to the needs of business.

Main function specification:
    • System management: System uses flexible role and access control mechanisms, and data mutual isolation, users can be based on the business needs to set up different business processing functions, and enquire their related data.
    • Distribution system: it can be realized the entire process of distribution of the orders received/ Unity received All of the business processing functions that system support meet the needs of logistics service providers, these businesses can be provide to client with personalized or Socialization manner.
    • Enquire system: mainly to provide services of orders enquire and orders real-time tracking for users, and various statistical data for business and management departments. Enquire subsystem feedback to the user depend on the user's enquire manner.
    • Order generation management system: order generation subsystem is responsibility for processing client order information, Commodity information and other relevant information, generating various orders supported by system, and checking the legality of orders.
  • Accounting System, Commodity Information Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, Matching System, Warehouse Management System, I/O system, 183 electronic mall, 185 customer service, Website......

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