Anlysun tilbyder og koordinerer EMC test:

  • National Supervision & Testing Center for Electronic Information Products
  • Authorized Testing Laboratory of China National energylabel and energy efficiency   
  • IECEE-CB Testing Laboratory   
  • CCC Testing Laboratory   
  • CQC Authorized Laboratory   
  • State Food and Drug Administration (Fujian) Testing Center for Medical Devices   
  • National Test Station for Producing Licenses of Storage Battery   
  • Ministry Public Security Authorized Inspection Institute for Security & Protect projects   
  • Fujian Provincial Testing Institute for Intelligentized System of Building   
  • Fujian Provincial Testing Center for Computer Room Security   
  • Fujian Provincial Electronic Products Testing Center   
  • Fujian Provincial Supervision Testing Station for Electronic Security & Protect Products

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  • Audio and video apparatus,e.g. TV, VCD, DVD and acoustics apparatus, etc
  • Information technology equipment, e.g. computer, terminal units, display, printer, projector, scanner, and POS, etc.
  • Finance and trade settlement equipment, e.g. electronic cash register, card-selling machine, electronic money counter, etc.
  • Power supply products, e.g.UPS, switch power, power adapter, charger and cell, and storage battery, etc.
  • Fire fighting equipment and detectors for intruder alarm systems, e.g. video door phone system, and fire detector, etc.
  • Electronic medical device, e.g. electronic blood-pressure meter, cardiograph criticare etc.
  • Communication products, e.g. telephone, audio RSP and interphone, etc.

  • Test for electronic product's performance, EMC, safety, Reliasle and Environment Suitability   
  • Certification Test for CCC mark   
  • Certificatian test for CE, FCC, UL, TUV, BSI, SASO and VDE marks   
  • Testing for lntelligentized Building System, Security&Protect Building System, Generic Cabling, LED Display, Lighting-Sound project, Parking Manage System, Computer Room Security Project etc.   
  • Incoming Test for Raw-materials, Components and Outgoing Inspection   
  • Registered Inspection for Medical Device   
  • Testing for Producing Licenses of Storage Battery   
  • Consultation on quality management, Product standard's consultations, formulations and modifications   
  • Training of test operator, selection of testing equipments, and The Establishing of laboratories   
  • Research of testing technologies and methods   
  • Diagnose Analyze and Correct Project for EMC
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