Ledning og Kabel konfektionering - højvolumen

Service ydelser:
  • Kabel & Lednings træer.
  • Net & Coax kabler.
  • Flad-og båndkabler.
  • Video & Telefonkabler.
  • Presse- og crimpteknik.
Kapacitet :
30 mil / måned
Min Ordre (MOQ):
Min: 500 USD, Min 100-500 Stk.

Firma profil:
  • 3000 ansatte
  • Fabiksareal 9000 m ²
  • Fabrik: Taiwan
  • Fabrik: Philippinerne
  • Fabrik: Kina
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • TS14969
  • ISO 14001
Under 30-40% af dansk pris.


OEM machinery

OEM production staff at work

We offer design services


  • OEM/ODM Capability
    APC´s partner is capable of designing, custom tooling and implementing custom manufacturing processes to meet your requirements, In addition, we have hundreds of existing designs for thousands of applications from nearly two decades of experience. Beacause our cables are custom designed, we are able to provide you with exactly what is specified, i.e. logs, lengths, colors, packaging and labels. We have a quick turn around time for sampling and mass production, depending on your needs. Our modern facilities and experienced R&D teams are ready for any orders.


  • Design Services Offered


  • Buyer Label Offered


  • Materials/Components
    The materialswe use for OEM are from Taiwan area, mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan.


  • Machinery/Equipment for OEM/ODM
    The machines we use for OEM includes:
    • Injection molding machine
    • Crimping machines
    • Stripping machines
    • Chen Hwa AC Hi-pot testers
    • Apolo Hi-pot testers
    • DC insulation resistance tester
    • Cirrus signature continuity tester
  • QC/Technical Support
    Our company's quality control are conducted by our own in-house QC team. The QC staff consists of engineers, trained inspectors and production staff that are trained to perform QC inspections.

  • QC Staff
    30 to 39

  • Materials/Components
    The materials we use in our products are from Taiwan area, mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan.

QC is our priority

Our QC staff

  • Procedures/testing Details
    All materials are components are inspected upon arrival at the factory. During production there are checks at each stage of production as well as random inspections of products. After production there are inspections after packaging and each product is checked before delivery

  • Other Information
    Some of the equipment we use for QC includes:
    • Cable testers
    • High testers
    • Terminator micrometers
    • precision balance flame rest equipment

  • R&D Staff
    30 to 39

  • Machinery/Equipment for R&D
    The equipment we use for R&D include:
    • CAD system
    • Profile projectors
    • Fixtures
    • Automatic fixtures
    • insertion and extraction instruments
    • milliohm meters
    • Insulation resistance meters
    • computer drafting machines
    • salt spray testers
    • High voltage testing machinery

Our fully computerized R&D department

We emphasize product design and quality

  • Locations
    The R&D facilities are located in our factories.

  • Profile
    APC´s partner has advanced scientific research equipment, CAD system designation and other correlation departments. Our R&D department specializes in researching new products to meet market requirements and improve our original products.

    Furthermore, we pay special attention to quality and technology. We also emphasize the R&D costs. We can complete design and making in 30-60 days according to the drawings and samples customers provide and forward new products on time.

  • Sample Availability & Policy
    We offer samples of selected products upon customers' request. If you need additional samples from our other product categories, please contact us and we will be glad to provide estimates for your sample requests.

Our friendly service support team

Our sales and support office

  • Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions
    We do have a product quality guarantee. Delivery of our products is guaranteed within 15 days after we have confirmed your order. Payment is L/C at sight or T/T.

  • Export/Import Processing Support
    We provide quick export/import services, insurance, shipping, customs and export documentation. Additional quality inspections can also be carried out. We can also design packaging to our customers specifications.

Service staff meeting
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